Refurbished Forklifts and Equipment

We supply forklifts, other industrial vehicles and plant machinery which are partially refurbished

Thoroughly checked to ensure they work as they should do with parts replaced as required.

Thoroughly cleaned and paintwork made tidy.

Serviced including the replacement of oils and filters

Some warranty provided

However, we also supply fully refurbished equipment – equipment that looks and performs like new equipment.
Equipment which we believe offers outstanding value for money. Equipment which is…

Trucks prepared with passion!

The equipment we use to become LiftX-Rated

Taken from our own stock.

Sourced from trusted suppliers who supply us with high quality equipment.

The work we do and the order in which we do it on LiftX-Rated equipment

Thoroughly cleaned – inside and out.

Thoroughly inspected to ensure the equipment has not had a ‘hard life’.

All components checked to ensure they work as they should do – and will continue to work as they should do in the foreseeable future.

Any components deemed as needing replacement now or in the ‘near’ future renewed at the time of refurbishment. High quality parts fitted where necessary.

Full service completed in line with the manufacturers recommendations.

All serviceable consumable parts – tyres, chains, forks, brake shoes etc replaced as a matter of course if not at least 75% good compared to brand new.

Any damage – particularly cosmetic – repaired to a high professional standard.

External body panels and components – mast, wheels, bonnets etc – roller painted to a high standard.

New decals and labels fitted where required.

Electric powered equipment – Traction batteries tested by a battery specialist and only supplied if at least 75% good
and with the right specification to meet and exceed individual customer requirements.

Electric powered equipment – Battery chargers supplied in a tidy condition and thoroughly tested to ensure they work as they should do.
Supplied to meet the customer’s preferred mains electric supply.


All equipment supplied with a 3 months (or 250 hours, whichever comes first) parts and labour warranty.
Warranties up to a maximum 12 months (or 1000 hours, whichever comes first) are available for an extra cost.

Thorough Examination Certificates

Every item of equipment is supplied with a New 12 months Thorough Examination certificate. The exam is done by an independent accredited Thorough Exam Specialist.


From the date we have the right equipment available we can refurbish equipment, on average, within 4 weeks.

Acquisition Methods

LiftX-Rated  equipment can be either purchased or hired with a huge variety of finance packages being available.